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New Release: Quick Sketch

Introducing - Quick Sketch! A newly released Vital tool for creating digital, accessible graphics in real-time for students with visual impairments. Quick Sketch is a new tool that has been added to the Vital mobile app. The tool was built for teachers and support staff of blind and visually impaired students who are often faced with creating accessible, tactile graphics on-the-fly. Quick Sketch has use cases both in the classroom and in orientation and mobility (O&M). In the

Accessible Bar Graphs in 3 Minutes

With the Vital Content Creator, create accessible bar graphs in 3 minutes and instantly share them with students! It's a simple 5-step process. Upload an image from your desktop. Add audio feedback to the bars. Apply vibrating lines to the grid lines. Add alt tags to the text. Name the image and save. Watch to learn how! #blind #visualimpairment #accessibility #education #tactilegraphics #orientationandmobility #haptics #software #assistivetechnology #AT

Vital: See What You Feel

Remember sitting in math class learning about shapes, graphs, angles, and similar topics? How did you learn these very visual ideas? Perhaps you were shown what a line was, watched as a triangle was drawn, or were given examples of different types of charts or graphs. Whatever your experience, it is very likely that most of us were first exposed to graphical math concepts via sight. In other words - we looked at pictures, and we began to understand these highly visual ideas b

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