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Vital Image Accessibility Services 

Let us do the work.

Vital Image Accessibility Services is a program that provides accessible image creation for your organization.

Our team will determine the right service package that fits your organization's needs to create an inclusive, digital experience for students, children, users and visitors with visual impairments or blindness. 


Outsourcing image accessibility services can save your teachers and staff precious time that can instead be devoted to students. Send image files to Vital for conversion to a digital, accessible graphic that students can explore on a touchscreen. Our team will create images with haptic (vibration), audio and text feedback that students can feel, hear and see. 

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Is your disability support team struggling to provide students with visual impairments accessible images with traditional methods? With Vital Services, students can access prepared graphics directly on their Vital account on a supported touchscreen. No need for pickup or shipping. Real-time sharing of digital, accessible images to the classroom. 


No access to images at home? Our team will take the images found in textbooks and on 

worksheets and create an accessible image that your child with a visual impairment can feel and hear on a touchscreen with the retained visual for supportive learning. No need for an embosser or graphics printer. Use a tablet you already own and display graphics for your student. 


Digital first textbooks are quickly becoming standard, and assuring an accessible experience for students with visual impairments is required by law. Worried your digital products won't make the cut? Our team will evaluate your products and offer a complete digital solution. Embedding accessible images provides a seamless experience for teachers, professors and students.


Navigating public attractions, like zoos, amusement parks and museums, can be challenging for individuals with visual impairments and blindness without appropriate accommodations provided to them. Hire the Vital Services team to create 

accessible maps, exhibits and other experiences to provide an inclusive opportunity for all visitors. 

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