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Revolutionary Tactile Graphics Software for Higher Ed

Vital for Higher Ed:

Truly Accessible Learning Materials  

Transform textbooks and curriculum into accessible content 

Instantly deliver graphics that can be explored by a student with a visual impairment on a tablet 

Start your students with a Vital Subscription (Price begins at $399) 

Create Accessible Learning Materials for Your Students

Content Creator

With the Content Creator that can be accessed via any browser, teachers and support staff upload existing learning materials; add haptics (vibrations), text-to-speech and auditory feedback; and share the newly-created accessible content with students.

Mobile Application

Students access their prepared accessible materials through the Vital Mobile App on a tablet. The fully-accessible app gives students independence in their learning, allowing exploration of content via touch, sound and sight.

Coming soon!

Teachers can save and share materials that have been transformed into accessible formats. Contribute and pull from a repository of already-created, accessible content.

Want Vital at Your University?

Vital for Higher Ed provides the revolutionary tactile graphics software with tools and support built for disability support offices. Create and share accessible graphics specifically created for students and seamlessly send to student accounts. 

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