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New Release: Quick Sketch

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Introducing - Quick Sketch! A newly released Vital tool for creating digital, accessible graphics in real-time for students with visual impairments.

Quick Sketch is a new tool that has been added to the Vital mobile app. The tool was built for teachers and support staff of blind and visually impaired students who are often faced with creating accessible, tactile graphics on-the-fly. Quick Sketch has use cases both in the classroom and in orientation and mobility (O&M).

In the classroom, on-the-fly examples or problems are regularly presented to the class to reinforce a lesson. These examples may be drawn on the white board or interactive white board, like a SMART Board. With traditional tools like Wikki Stix or a peg board and rubber bands, a teacher may be able to re-create the whiteboard image into an accessible format for their student. However, these solutions don't always do justice to the image - leaving the visually impaired student without the appropriate information to answer the problem or grasp the learning concept. With Quick Sketch, the teacher can either draw their own image (similar to Paint) or snap a picture of the white board with the tablet's camera and then use their finger or a stylus to add the multisensory feedback to make this image accessible to the student. The teacher can add text labels or use the vibration and audio feedback options. This image then becomes a graphic that a student with a visual impairment can feel and hear on the tablet screen in real-time.

In the video below, we share an example of taking a print map and creating an accessible path for the student to navigate from the Cafeteria to Room 147.

Download the Vital app now to try Quick Sketch for FREE.

Quick Sketch is included in Vital subscriptions.

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